Stalking Confessions ………..

Stalker on the prowl!

     I admit, I’m a stalker and I’ve been caught. I’m getting better at it too.

     Favorite hobbies of mine are following you around, riding on your tail coats, lurking from beyond the shadows of the super market. Yes, that’s me.

     You’ve probably noticed me a few times, glancing at you………. as I turn my head towards yours. I’m secretly smiling at you. 

     What is it that you are doing I wonder? Yes, I am secretly monitoring you. To avoid your suspicions, I look elsewhere. Watching YOU! I lay out little tracking devices, warning bells, to alert me when you make a move. I have backups as well, others that are just like me. I am ssssoooo interested in you that I call them over to help me observe you in detail. I want to know everything. Me and my armada will surround you………

Feeling uncomfortable?

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