Happy Valentines day!

 A couple of years ago , I got the best Valentines Day gift ever! Long story short, my husband paid a ransom for me.

Literally. He went to Western Union and wire transferred $500.00 dollars for my release.

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To be a Network Engineer or not to be?

“All roads lead to Rome…” Routes,  infrastructures, hidden passages, tunnels……railroads.

   As I’ve mentioned before, I love Packet Tracer. I love playing with the commands and building new and interesting networks.

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A Black History……..

1745103709126906Isn’t this little grasshopper so cute!?  Can you see it?

Hiding & camouflaged!

Just hanging out,  minding it’s own business. Looking for food and probably a mate. 

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Routing & Switching, VLAN, EIGRP, IPv4, DHCP

Packet Tracer from CiscoVlanDhcpEigrpIpv4

I love Packet Tracer. 

You can be as creative as you like. You can purposefully destroy your creation and rebuild it, with a new or existing foundation. It’s like a never-ending puzzle, it can go on forever! 

It’s not to difficult to master, as long as you can memorize some coding and commands. Everything else is up to you, you choose how you want to connect. There are open and closed doors, locks and chains, clicks and  cliché’s! I’m not just talking about packet tracer any more either, I’m talking about computer networking and network engineering. 

Click Here  to download the Packet Tracer Topology/File on “Routing & Switching, VLAN, EIGRP, IPv4, DHCP”.  It’s fully configured and ready to go! 


abstract art blur bright
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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Can you Subnet?

subnetbinaryIf you’re like me, you can’t. Well I couldn’t anyways………I was a mess at it.

I tried everything, videos, forum after forum, blog after blog, nothing made sense.

No. I didn’t find some magical cure nor some special equation. It just took time, patience, and Advil.

Eventually I got it, it clicked. The light enumerated!

I’ll show you which sites worked for me and how I was able to master binary/subnetting.

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A Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.  — Izaak Walton


This picture was taken from inside my family’s house looking outward onto the Tunisian landscape. To the right, you can see the ocean. It’s a beautiful scenery filled with small old country style homes. Birds. Cows. Foods, spices, teas, and family. The air is warm and smells like grass and flowers, with a hint of olives. The home of Berbers, Carthaginians, Ottomans, Romans, Jews, Christians, and Muslims. A country rich with history, struggle, revolutions, and independence!

The sound of the Azan in the morning hours is mesmerizing. Have you ever seen the twilight before the dawn? Beauty can not describe it enough.