About Me

Hi there. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Ok, that’s enough.

No seriously, that’s enough. I’m a very shy person, when I’m not online, and I don’t like talking about myself.

HOWEVER, I’m going to try and break my shell. Wish me luck!

I like social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram……. But what I really like is Networking. More specifically, Network Engineering. Even more specific, Routers & Switches. Married, with children.

Over the lifetime of this blog you are going to get to know me, my ideas, my life journey (you might even be a part of that), struggles, realities, & motivations. All these things about me are bounded in light, humor, religion, and even shrouded in darkness at times.

It’ll be a smorgasbord of goodies for techies, those that like to gossip, and maybe through some of my personal experiences (Good/Bad) ………. I can help others that might be lost.

Oh, BTW P.S.A. My grammar, shpelling abilityies, humor;, and use of punctuationses can/will/might sometimes be a bit off…………fair warning. I apologize! HA!

Let’s get started!