ospf2     We did a lot of work yesterday trying to fix the network. The Information Security Specialist at the county sheriff’s office informed us that the intruders got into the network by “TELNET”

 Unfortunately, our previous network engineer didn’t use SSH also known as (secure shell) and we have been open to the internet for some time! I guess it was only a matter of time until someone infiltrated us? As network engineers, make sure you LOCK IT DOWN with passwords, logins, and encryptions. Another way to help secure your networks are by using firewalls, ACL’s, restrict ports, and physical connections.

Now, we are liable for our own fault as engineers for not securing the network, this is a team effort. When we catch these creeps that destroyed the office, they are going to hire some fancy lawyers. Those lawyers are going to argue that because our systems were online, free, and open, with NO WARNING for UNAUTHORIZED users to stay out……….they will claim it as free use and win the lawsuit, evading justice. Always make a BANNER (MOTD).

Btw, they threw the hub in the dumpster, the police found it in an adjacent alley. My stapler is still missing.


We also need to eliminate some naming issues, so our routers don’t get confused as to where they are in the physical topology. A.K.A Router-Id. I’m hungry with all this work, what’s for breakfast? ‘Hash browns, Bacon, & Eggs (scrambled?) ….. Don’t forget the Salt & Pepper. Cookies?’ <<< You do know what I’m saying right? If not, check the links below!

That reminds me, we need stop any unwanted routing updates.

We don’t want unauthorized/rogue routers to received and be processed by OUR routers (and vice versa). So, we need to make sure that there is some authentication going on.

Think of it as a school. Our children are safe inside the locked and gated building, they can go outside and talk with their classmates (In their own grade), they all have personalized names. If any intruders come to the office to pick your child up, the children and staff won’t recognize them, and they aren’t on the list of approved adults. Safe and secure.

So, let’s make some hash (*insert teenage giggling*) by using MD5!

Download the packet tracer for the new activity! PART 2 of 1.

Need Part 1, click here.

Good luck and secure the system.

Tomorrow is another day with more securing the networks!


Eggs  (Scrambled Eggs)