Static routes are an easy way to connect a few nodes together!

How ever, it can become extremely tedious work if your network grows into a larger enterprise!

Wanna play?


The reason that static routes can become burdensome/tedious is because (unlike RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, Etc.) static routes are not “self-aware”. You have to manually type/code in for every single connection! 

If you mess up on any one single route, the whole system fails.  

There are hundreds if not more static route labs out there!

Here are two different video that can help you with understanding what static routes are for and how they are used.

Why You Configure a Static Route. Cisco CCNA – Challenge Lab 1.5.3

Very Basic Static Routing


If you want to learn about subnetting/binary there are some great tutorials here and here, also check my page for more information! 


Ok, enough talking…………wheres the LAB!?

Ok, I have a few downloads for you.

One is a completed LAB so you can see what it’s SUPPOSED to do…..and the other is a messed up version that YOU get to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it!

I also have a download for “full set commands with connections” if you want to have a clean start and set it up from the very beginning.

Remember, YOU LOOSE AN ARP REQUEST, the first time it connects/pings/ICMP. Don’t get discouraged just because the ping didn’t go through the first time, it needs time to connect and make maps!

Your mission is to make ALL NODES (not switches, unmanaged switches do not have an IP address….more on this in an upcoming blog)  reachable to ALL OTHER NODES. 

PC to PC must be able to fully connect and PING.
ROUTER to ROUTER must be able to fully connect and PING.
PC to ROUTER must be able to fully connect and PING.

Give me the LAB and the configurations already!!

 Here is the fully completed project. So you can see how it is SUPPOSED to work!

 Here is the FUN version. Have fun by figuring it out!

And here are the configuration commands.   <<<If you want to start from the very beginning and build it all your self.

No cheating. Don’t do that to your self. You’ll get it,  it will just take some time. 

Good luck.