subnetbinaryIf you’re like me, you can’t. Well I couldn’t anyways………I was a mess at it.

I tried everything, videos, forum after forum, blog after blog, nothing made sense.

No. I didn’t find some magical cure nor some special equation. It just took time, patience, and Advil.

Eventually I got it, it clicked. The light enumerated!

I’ll show you which sites worked for me and how I was able to master binary/subnetting.

To find out more of Binary click on Danscourses.

To find out more of Subnetting click on Subnet King and/or Subnet Practise.

I also have to give a shout out to  The Networking Doctors  Lazaro Diaz, great teacher, I learned a lot from him through Udemy and other sources.

There is also a really great Android App called  Subnetting Practice Master by Enrique Caballero

To find out more about low carb Chocolate pudding…………. Keto Chocolate Silk Pie.

I basically used that recipe (Just the filling part) except I took out the butter and sour cream.

I added 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. (Gotta get that fiber in.)

1 cup of coco powder.

¾ cup of monk fruit.

1 table spoon of caramel extract/flavoring

1 table spoon of maple extract/flavoring

½ cup coconut oil

I put strawberries and pecans on top. Texture came out like a tapioca pudding!

 Good eat’n right?